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      Basic connotation of Zhongtian Jinjun company's cultural system


      Premium vehicle makes better life!


      Becoming a respected new brand leader of special vehicles in the new era.


      Honesty and trustworthiness、Innovation for change、Being realistic and pragmatic、Unity of knowledge and action、Strategic alliance、Win-win cooperation

      Enterprise Spirit

      Daring to challenge、Embracing the change、Having fun at work、Possessing superior life



      Operation Ideas

      Development Idea:Promote steadily, built to last.
      Development Idea:Conciseness and efficiency ,continuous improvement.
      Human Resources Idea:Recruit more capable personnel, and take care of their development.
      HSE Idea:Safety, health, clear waters and green hills.
      Service Idea:“Door to door service”,”One-stop service”,Providing the best service experience to customers.
      Quality Idea:As superior as solid gold!

      • Service hotline:0396-2697666
      • E-mail:ztjj@zmdztjj.com
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